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Enamel is a mixture of basic raw materials such as silica, soda, potassium caarbonate, borax, ... combined in accordance to ancient formulas.
• They are fused at a very high temperature into a colourless material - the frit - very close to cristal. Metallic oxides are added to obtain a rich palette of colours. There are 4 main stages in the making of enamels.

First step :

• A melting-pot is needed for the fusion of the various materials. It is hand-made of refractory clay, then dried for at least 7 months in our factory at 30 degrees centigrade.
• When needed, it is gradually heated in the kiln for 8 days, up to 1400 degrees centigrades. It is used for the fusion of the constituants of the enamels and produces some 350 kg of them per 24 hours. Its useful life is about 3 weeks.

Second step:

• The various constituents combined to make the frit are poured into the melting-pot wich is put in the kiln heated at 1400 degrees centigrade.

Third step:

Coloured metallic oxides are added to the frit in a varity of recipes to make the different colours, and the combination is poured into the melting-pot and then put in the kiln.
• After 14 hours at 1400 degrees centigrade for 200 kg of the mixtures, the enmal in fusion is scooped out with large metal ladles into cast iron moulds where the enamel slowly cools down while continuing its refining.

Fourth step :

• Crushing and grinding 90 per cent of our production of enamel is sold in the form of powder. So, it is first coarsely crushed, then ground to a fine powder in various mills. This operation is carried out with the greatest care in order not to mix the colours and to produce a powder whose granulometry is most regular.
• Eventually, the powders are passed over an electro-magnet to remove any particles of iron due to the wear of the crushers and grinders.


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